FREE Technical consultancy

Our ICT consultants help with the building and maintaining of your ICT systems. We work with you to determine which ICT hardware and software are best for you. We can supply ICT consultants who are familiar with the ICT tools you use now, and we can help you find the most suitable ICT practices, tools, hardware and software that fit your current and future needs.

Our project managers work with you to create an ICT project precisely aligned to your objectives. We help you focus on achieving your business goals, satisfying project objectives, and maximising your return on investment into your ICT system.

Once your deliverables are produced—on time, at budget, within scope—we conduct a project review and develop a maintenance plan that ensures continued successful utilisation of your ICT systems even after our commitment to the project has been fulfilled.

The initial consultancy is free!

The scope of our System Integration work includes:

- Building of WiFi and wired network of your company
- Internet control system - blocking unwanted sites such as social media sites, etc.
- Video surveillance system building. The system can be used to ensure security of your home, warehouse or office environment
- Cloud storage for your videos, work files to prevent their loss due to a theft, fire, etc.
- Internet telephony system for a significant decrease of your international calls costs and automatic reference database of incoming and outgoing calls in a free CRM.
- Video conferencing systems to improve the efficiency of interaction between your offices and partners

All your IT systems can be serviced by our specialists on a monthly subscription basis which allows to save costs of keeping own ICT specialists